Road Trip

Road tripping from Washington State to Las Vegas turned out to be a lot more fun than it may sound. Joe and I’s close friend was being re-stationed and we wanted to spend more time with her before she left, so we decided to drive down to Vegas with her. It’s crazy to me how exhausting just sitting in a car can be! We chatted, sang out loud and joked around, trying to find service on our phones so we could find our next place to eat and sleep. That was tough for me! I am a planner. I once planned a 2 week vacation for Joe and I to Hawaii. We island hopped to three different islands and I scheduled out every day down to the hour. Joe still complains that I didn’t schedule any beach/relax time. Looking back that was a definite oversight on my part. Haha!!

Well, needless to say, I lived through their laid back, whatever happens happens demeanor. We found a room each night and good food to eat and even got side tracked at times stopping at different sites, like Twin Falls.

When we arrived in Las Vegas we only had one day before our flight back home, but it was the first time I’ve been there when the weather was nice. Almost too nice though. My fair skin can’t handle the desert heat. We were grateful for the inside of restaurants and casinos where we could cool off for a bit. I was really looking forward to photographing the Bellagio fountain but the day we were there the winds were too high.

But we did get to visit one of the Hell’s Kitchen restaurants. It is one of Joe’s favorite shows and he was just in awe. They had a blue and red side of the kitchen, but they were obviously not competing. One of the last winners was the head chef, so it felt like we were meeting someone famous! We got lucky and got a table right in front, so we could watch all of the goings on. They definitely did not disappoint. From the décor and silverware to the menu and servers, it was fabulous. We even got a picture with the chef!

It was hard to finally say good bye to our friend at the end of the visit. But she has big places to go in this world and it was time for her to move on.

A few weeks after the trip I got a box in the mail. I opened it up, trying to remember if I ordered something. I pulled out a tiny photo album and inside were pictures of ME, taking photos the whole trip! It really made me smile. I had no idea that her and Joe were snapping pictures of me while my face was in my camera.

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