Capturing a New Life

I am the luckiest lady alive to get the chance to capture this little man as he embarks on the journey of life. He was born 2 months early and had his family worried to pieces. These strong and lovely parents went through endless hours of driving to see him twice a day in his comfy bed in the NICU. His life began with trouble breathing and eating. All of the devastation around leaving the hospital without your child, the nipple shields, 02 stats, feeding tubes, skin to skin time, the string of different nurses.

These images are from just a tiny portion of the struggles him and his family fought through, but I know there a lot of moms and families out their that understand their strife. To all of the NICU parents out there, it is all worth it and you got this!!

Today, he growing like a weed and is at home, where he belongs, in his mother and fathers warm embrace. These photos were taken to remember this part of their journey and to show what a little fighter they created.

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